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Rectangular Sunglasses

Think wide, rectangular lenses, some with angular corners, others with more rounded edges. If the frame of the lens is wider than it is tall, it’s probably a rectangle.

Parker Wrap Around Sunglasses
Regular price$8.88
  • Matte Black Frame/ Smoke Lens
  • Glossy Black Frame/ Smoke Lens
Homerun X-Loop Sport Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Black Frame/ Mirror Lens
  • Black Frame/ Smoke Lens
  • Black Frame/ Orange Lens
  • Black Frame/ Cyan Lens
  • Black Frame/ Blue Lens
  • Black Frame/ Purple Lens
ShantelBoss Rimless Studded Rectangular Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Blue Lens/ Black Frame
  • Brown Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Clear Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Red Lens/ Silver Frame
  • Black Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Light Brown Lens/ Gold Frame
Nova Chic Rimless Cheetah Temples Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Gold Frame/ Purple to Pink Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Pink to Purple Ombre Lens
  • Silver Frame/ Blue to Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Gunmetal Frame/Purple to Pink Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Purple to Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Black Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Brown Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Clear GradientLens
  • Gold Frame/ Pink Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Blue Gradient Lens
  • Silver
  • Gold
Call Me Morgan Square Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Smoke Lens/ Black
  • Mirror Lens/ White
  • Smoke Lens/ Tortoise
  • Smoke Lens/ Light Tortoise
  • Smoke Lens/ Black & White
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