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Semi Rimless & Rimless Sunglasses

This half-framed style, also known as clubman or browline, features a frame edge on top, with no frame at the bottom. Rimless is with a rim at all.

Love on Edge Rimless Heart Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Orange/Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Purple/ Blue Ombre Lens
  • Blue/ Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Black Ombre Lens
  • Brown Lens
Heat Wave Rev Frameless Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Green Lens
  • Blue and Purple Ombre
  • Yellow Lens
  • Red Lens
  • Black Lens
  • Lime Green Lens
  • Pink Lens
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Purple
Penny Rimless Sleek Wayfarer Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Smoke Lens/ Black Detail
  • Brown Lens/ Gold Detail
  • Iridescence Lens/ Black Detail
  • Black Lens/ Gold Detail
Charlie Semi Rimless Shield Sunglasses
Regular price$6.88
  • Black Frame/ Purple Gradient Frame
  • Black Frame/ Smoke Lens
  • Tortoise Frame/ Smoke Lens
Nova Chic Rimless Cheetah Temples Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Gold Frame/ Purple to Pink Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Pink to Purple Ombre Lens
  • Silver Frame/ Blue to Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Gunmetal Frame/Purple to Pink Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Purple to Yellow Ombre Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Black Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Brown Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Clear GradientLens
  • Gold Frame/ Pink Gradient Lens
  • Gold Frame/ Blue Gradient Lens
  • Silver
  • Gold
ShantelBoss Rimless Studded Rectangular Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Blue Lens/ Black Frame
  • Brown Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Clear Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Red Lens/ Silver Frame
  • Black Lens/ Gold Frame
  • Light Brown Lens/ Gold Frame
Victorian Floral Rimless Square Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Pink Gradient
  • Black Gradient
  • Brown Gradient
  • Green to Yellow Gradient
  • Blue to Yellow Gradient
Emerson Rimless Transparent Shield Sunglasses
Regular price$10.00
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Clear
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